Sunday, December 04, 2005

Terror Academia


Thinking of going to university soon? Are you a proud mother/father looking forward to your offspring furthering their career opprtunities by going into higher education? Well hold your bloody horses. Due to government funding for education drying up, more and more universities are turning towards the arms industry for financial sustainability. It turns out that at least 67 UK universities (Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, York and Swansea to name a few) currently have blood on their hands. According to People and Planet, GKN (a company that supplies armoured vehicles to the Indonesian Suharto dictatorship) has paid £750,000 to Cambridge University for a 10 year GKN professorship. So hang on a minute, let me get this straight, you can now get a professorship in dictatorship.
Call me stupid but aren't we meant to be fighting terrorism rather than teaching it? What really grates me is that most of the students and staff at these establishments have no knowledge of the blood letting that's going on behind closed doors. If you want to find out if your supporting state funded terrorism and want to stop this investment of great human suffering then you can get involved with the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, CAAT.

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